Self harm.

You hurt yourself because the men you let in hurt you, however instead of hurting them back you didn’t because your soul wasn’t created to inflict pain but to give love.

You tolerated the pain for so long, once it stopped you forgot how to live without it.

The feeling of pain & heartbreak was the only emotions you were familiar with.. each man who selfishly took a slice of your heart would drop the blade as fast as they would leave.

Picking up the blade you would push it deep into your heart.

The pain. The comfort of the pain stopped you from remembering the moments with him.

The deeper the blade went the faster you forgot about the moments of your fingers entwined with his.

You replaced his kisses with cuts & was left with scars instead of everlasting love letters.

Your flawless skin that was once so pure was now stained with your blood.

His voice was drowned out by your screams & the memories of his smiles was washed away from by tears.

Scabs now replaced the hickeys that once trailed from top to bottom.

You hurt yourself because your angry for letting someone hurt you when they were supposed to love you.


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