Exam Season is approaching …

I can’t begin to express how fed up I am of staying up day and night and having pep talks to myself to motivate myself to revise.

It’s a beautiful day.. the sun is shining and I’m stuck inside with papers and notes scattered everywhere across my desk along with endless lecture slides to go through. Living the life of student Nisha. That’s what you’re doing.

God knows what made me decide to do a science degree. Ha. No turning back now.

Anyway, I have procrastinated and been very unproductive. Which is funny because I came to Kent to get away from the hustle and bustle of London to sit and focus. CLEARLY, that idea went out the window hours ago.

However, some positive news – I got a job! Yay me! So currently, I’m a broke employed student. Which is somewhat productive because this time, last month I was broke and unemployed.

Ahhhhhh… 90% of the time I keep telling myself I have to revise and 10% of the I don’t know what I’m doing.






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