First blog post

As it’s my first blog post, I thought I should introduce myself.

Hey, I’m Nisha. First off, I don’t like strawberry milk.

I’m 20 years old and i’m in this time period where I don’t know what I want and i’m figuring out what I like and what I don’t. I feel like there’s a lot of advice for teenagers but not a lot for the “not-yet adults”.

So this blog is just me.. but in website form.. I don’t have a set theme. So my posts can range from anything to a recipe to a rant. I don’t know.

I just decided 5 minutes ago I wanted to start a blog.

(honest truth)


5 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Hey Nisha, so I have to ask, what made you name your blog strawberry milk then ? : D. On another note, that’s an interesting point that you made that there’s a lot of talk for teenagers but not for those of us who do fall into the category of “young adults” but personally, who may not be there yet…or at least feel like it.

    ~ Bre

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    1. I don’t know why I named it Strawberry milk.. It was the first thing that came into my head.. it’s funny how we can name all the things we don’t like but find difficulty in naming things we do like.. and if we do, I’m pretty sure we have commitment issues.. well, personally, I feel like this.

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      1. Interestingly, I actually see it as an attachment like issue if I have trouble naming something. I attach names to things I like/endeared to vs. the things I don’t, there’s a level of carelessness and disattachment…I don’t know.

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