City of Lights

It’s in my nature to travel.. I can’t imagine living a life without exploring the world. I want to live my 20’s experiencing different cultures, languages and people.

I recently travelled the Paris.. it was magical. However, not everything went according to plan.

Obviously, in my life,  something always has to mess up.

I planned to get a good nights sleep to wake up at 4 am. I ended up with 2 and half hours of sleep and missed the 6:30 train.

I, my boyfriend and a couple of my friends, expect one, missed the train by 2 minutes and ended up having to pay for a new ticket. £30. Each.

£30 pounds is a lot of money when you’re a broke, unemployed student.

So while Kaif, the friend that boarded, the rest of us; Joe (my boyfriend), Tam and Abdul had to wait for 3 hours for the next train. *sigh*

In that time, I made myself look human. Oh, what a difference it made when I covered the designer bags under my eyes with concealer. ^-^

3 hours later after much frustration, we boarded our train and I slept on my man’s arm and left lipstick marks all over his sleeve.. oh he was not happy… but anyhoo.

Can I just put out there that french boys are so attractive?

They are a different breed of males. I swear, when I was visiting sacré-cœur, I came across a fine young man.. oof. He was muscular and tall. His hair was thick and brown, highlighted blond. His skin was tan from being out in the sun too much and had a cigarette placed on the top of his right ear. He was a street musician. Playing his guitar and singing Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” in front a small crowd of the sacré-cœur.

I didn’t want any souvenir but him. I would happily manhandle him if he refused to come with me. Ha ha! I joke. I’m a civil human being and I just admired him from afar. Clearly, if he came close to me I would melt instantly. *fans oneself*

I had a major sugar rush during the middle of the day. The crepes and the churros! So good! I didn’t manage to bring any macaroons back, which was quite sad because they are overly priced here in London. 

We walked all day.. to the Arc de Triomphe..  to the Eiffel Tower… Then to the Tour Montparnasse for a 360 evening view of Paris. The view was far better than from the Eiffel Tour and I highly recommend it. 

It was even more magical because it was at night… I now understand why Paris is nicked name as the “City of Lights”.  

Lastly, we visited the Louvre Museum. I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to go inside as we were all short of time. (Didn’t want to miss the train. AGAIN!)  However, I would like to again and admire the vast amount of artwork inside.

(If you know me well you’ll either find me in galleries or coffee shops in London.)

I want to go back and experience the nightlife. Experience having coffee in a small cafe.. we just went to McDonald’s typical tourists of us. Never trying something new.

Paris I have yet to see more of you & I will be back.


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